The story of Agropur Ingredients is unique in the sense that it involves the rich history of two vital parties: Agropur Dairy Cooperative and Main Street Ingredients. 

At the very beginning of Agropur…

In the 1930s, hundreds of cooperatives were founded in Quebec in response to the economic crisis and suffocating market conditions. Most of them soon disappeared, leaving barely a trace in our collective memory. Agropur, which celebrates 75 years of achievement in 2013, continues to build on the vision of its pioneers. This organization with its humble roots has remained faithful to cooperative values and is today a leader in the Canadian dairy industry.



When Main Street Ingredients began…


The former Main Street Ingredients was founded in 1989 by Dave Clark  under the name Main Street, LTD. Serving as a broker at the time, the company worked out of a small downtown location in La Crosse, WI.  After identifying their strengths in the specialty protein and stabilizer markets, the company moved from their original location to a facility in the airport industrial park that allowed them to grow their processing offerings. Then in 2000, the former Main Street Ingredients relocated to the current Agropur Ingredients headquarters plant on Enterprise Ave in La Crosse. Years of expansion projects, brand line extensions, developments in R&D and progression allowed MSI to catch attention as a promising acquisition target for Agropur Dairy Cooperative.mAIN sTREET hISTORY EDIT

How & When Agropur Ingredients was formed…


Fast forward to 2010, MSI now had a very credible reputation in the food industry as being experts in ingredient interactions, applications, distribution and processing. Meanwhile, Agropur, Canada’s largest dairy cooperative and a large producer of dairy derived ingredients, was prospecting for a synergistic partner to complement the ingredient side of their business. The timing and platforms aligned for both companies and in early 2011 Main Street Ingredients was acquired by Agropur.  After the formation of the Business Unit Ingredients under the CID Division of Agropur, the Agropur Ingredients branding umbrella was formed in mid-2013.




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