La Crosse, WI USA

La Crosse, WI Plant Specifications:


  • Total of 300,000 square feet
  • 12 Different Production Processing Areas
  • 6 Blending Lines
  • 5 Retail Packaging Lines
  • Agglomeration System
  • 2 In-house Product Innovation Centers


Products & Services of La Crosse, WI Plant

Cornerstone® Proteins – This line encompasses universally recognized proteins such as  RT 80 (WPC) and RT 90 (WPI) as well as functional proteins such as Cornerstone® 200 which is a specialty protein with a 19% protein base designed for ice creams, frozen desserts, and other frozen applications. Proteins such as COR 200, 350, 180 etc are able to replace NFDM 1:1 and assist in waterbinding, thermal shock meltdown resistance, improved mouthfeel & texture, and ice crystal control.

Capstone® Anti-Caking Agents – The Capstone name is likely familiar to most people in the cheese or shredded cheese industry. We are a large supplier of anti-caking agents to manufacturers/processors of shredded cheeses. Our products are great because they can be custom tailored to process and application requirements, have great adhesion and minimal grit/dust. We are always watching the markets and making sure we’re not only able to meet customers’ requirements in terms of process but for cost and volume as well.

Keystone® Stabilizer Systems – Our Keystone line encompasses a strong portfolio of custom-made synergistic hydrocolloid systems. The main area of application is ice cream and frozen desserts but the line also has a strong presence in the beverage market and cultured dairy industry. We are emerging into the process cheese space with new comer Gerry Buescher. Keystone 9405 for example is an all-natural stabilizer for ice creams and gelatos. Keystone 9100 is a cold-active stabilizer designed for beverages delivering a smooth mouthfeel.

DariGen™ Specialty Powders – DariGen Specialty Select Specialty Powders are exactly that — special or unique products and blends. This includes soup bases, non-dairy creamers, full beverage mixes, as well as sweetened condensed whole milk alternatives.

BakiGen™ Bakery Ingredients  – This line of ingredients is catered to the bakery industry. We host egg alternatives, dough conditioners, complete baking mixes, and milk alternatives (whole, and NFDM). We also have ingredients that focus more directly on a specific function such as BakiGen 1481 which is a moisture barrier/glaze which is applied to crusts or products that would potentially be frozen/microwaved. It helps the moisture from seeping into the body of the crusts and aids in color and sheen as well.

PZ-44® Dough Conditioner – A dairy-based dough conditioner used primarily in pizza crusts and tortillas. The product helps reduce shrinkage, makes dough more pliable and easier to handle, helps eliminate tearing and deliver a golden crust coloring.

Reddi-Sponge® Dough Developer – Another dairy-based product, Reddi-Sponge is a dough developer used primarily in breads, buns and sweet goods. It helps reduce the time needed for bread to rise.

The La Crosse, WI facility is a toll contract manufacturer for blending and agglomeration and a private label contract manufacturer for  health & wellness focused products.

Quality Certifications

  • NSF
  • SQF 2000
  • USDA -Grade A
  • Kosher – Orthodox Union
  • Certified Organic
  • NSF for Sport Certified