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Agropur Ingredients is a global supplier of ingredients and services developed to create success in the food, beverage and nutritional industries. Whether sourcing ingredients or offering finished products, Agropur Ingredients has vast expertise in health, wellness and functional applications. From flavor to texture, shelf life, processing, nutrient enhancement and technical expertise, Agropur Ingredients has a solution for every customer.

Dairy Solutions
Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Dairy Solutions has a global reach, with 75 percent of its products sold and shipped to countries outside of the United States. Dairy Solutions provides logistics support to over 50 countries, ensuring that its goods are available to as many food companies as possible. Dairy Solutions offers industry-leading quality, consistency, and supply of its products.

Nutrition Solutions
Headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, the Nutrition Solutions sector produces specialty ingredients used for formulating a variety of products from infant formula to cosmetics, medical foods and protein supplements.

Custom Solutions
Headquartered in Wisconsin, Custom Solutions offers expertise, ingredients and services tailormade to address unique production and nutritional needs. Whether the objective is to improve product texture, shelf life, nutrition, output and cost or to streamline operational processes with a turnkey contract manufacturer Custom Solutions has capabilities to serve.

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