Dairy-based frozen desserts and Dairy-alternative frozen desserts

Cool and creamy; refreshing and satisfying. Nothing matters more with frozen dairy-based and dairy-alternative desserts than the just-right consistency and flavor. Darigen® helps frozen dessert manufacturers create quality products without the high cost of and price variability of generic frozen dessert ingredients. Cornerstone® delivers the specific characteristics you seek—at a cost and performance level food manufacturers strive for.

  • Cornerstone® Protein Products

    High-quality, highly-efficient dairy ingredients, offering a optimized alternative for traditional milk solids.

  • Keystone® Stabilizer Systems

    Enhance the desirable characteristics, e.g., viscosity/consistency, mouthfeel, texture, flavor, appearance and shelf-life.

  • Darigen® Select Specialty Powders

    Specialty dairy, non-dairy and fully-formulated products and blends – Agropur Ingredients celebrates a new generation of ingredients.

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