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BakiGen™ Bakery Ingredients

Bakigen® Bakery Ingredients offer a wide range of ingredients for the bakery industry, including:

  • Liquid whole egg alternatives
  • Egg white alternatives
  • Nonfat dry milk alternatives
  • Dough conditioners
  • Dough developers
  • Doughnut ingredients
  • Complete baking mixes
  • Whole milk alternatives


Bakigen® Bakery Ingredients are customized and specifically formulated to:

  • Decrease moisture losses during baking
  • Contribute to structure
  • Enhance crispy texture
  • Act as emulsifiers
  • Provide a more even and tender crumb structure than eggs in cakes
  • Increase batter viscosity
  • Control water ice crystal size in frozen baked products such as waffles and pancakes
  • Have fat replacement properties
  • Enhance browning in cakes and muffins


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