Crino® Premium Dairy Products

Agropur’s Crinolac® DPS is formulated to be used in a wide range of food applications such as bakery products, beverages, dry mixes, snack foods and confections. DPS is a versatile ingredient for the baking industry because of its ability to replace other carbohydrates and eliminate added salt in a product. The high concentration of lactose provides beneficial effects by contributing to a moist crumb texture, improving flavor, texture and color appearance. In addition, the high quality Crinolac® DPS also acts as a flavor enhancer similar to salt, but without the high sodium which is a positive factor for the nutrition label. Finally, it provides a cost-effective source of dairy minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.

Crinolac® DPS:

Dairy Product Solids (also known as whey permeate, deproteinized whey) is manufactured at our Luxemburg, WI USA plant & Hull, IA USA plant.

The Crino® Premium Dairy Products brand umbrella also covers additional dairy ingredients utilized in the food and feed industries worldwide. These fine products are produced at our U.S. and Canadian plant locations.


Crino® Lactose and Reduced Lactose Whey:

Lactose and Reduced Lactose Whey are manufactured at our Weyauwega, WI USA plant.

Crino® Whey Powder


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