PZ-44® Dough Conditioner

PZ-44 is a powdered dough conditioner that saves you significant time and money, without sacrificing flavor, quality or consistency. It makes your dough easier to work and won’t affect the original taste of your formula. That means you spend less time handling, stretching and rolling.

• Reduce mixing time by up to 40 percent
• Make your dough more pliable and easier to process
• Eliminate tearing

Lessens Shrinkage

When you use PZ-44, dough balls will be less bucky, more willing to stretch out and hold their shape as they’re run through equipment.

Retains Moisture

Refrigerated dough balls made with PZ-44 won’t dry out as fast as regular dough, because PZ-44 helps dough retain its natural moisture content.

PZ-44 is the Official Dough Conditioner of the World Pizza Champions! >>>
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 *Acquired from Foremost Farms USA Dry Blending Business: January 2013
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Complete Baking Guide

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