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3 Must Try Samples at VitaFoods Europe

3 Must Try Samples at VitaFoods Europe

When it comes to nutrition, clean, functional, and flavorful are highly ranked priorities for customers.  For an ingredient manufacturer, this consumer mindset often means innovation and quality are at the forefront.  VitaFoods Europe is a space to sample some of the finest ingredients and products the world has to offer and to meet with those shaping the future of the food, beverage, and nutritional industry.


In much of the world, convenience is king; so it is essential to create healthy yet satisfying on the go options.  A trail mix bar featuring Whey Protein Pods, or a chocolate coated wafer bar featuring ISO Chill 8000 is relevant because it provides that convenience experience.  Both products offer a satiating snack with a boost of protein at 13 grams each.


Whey Protein Pods are terrific in sweet formulations; adding an airy texture to bars or a satisfying crunch as a topping for ice cream or yogurt.  They can also be coated for savory applications like a salad topping, or as a standalone snack.  Whey Protein Pods contain 70% protein and feature a clean flavor and clean label for guilt-free indulgence.

Clean-label RTDs:

Another trending item is the grab and go ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage.  BiPRO C.C. focuses on clarity, offers a clean label, and is rich in branched chain amino acids.  These features make BiPRO C.C. suitable for clear protein beverages in some delicious flavors including lemon, berry, and orange.

Visit Agropur’s Nutrition Solutions team at VitaFoods booth M44 to sample some of these ground-breaking ingredients and learn how we can be your partner every step of the way.



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