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Innovative Formulating: Diabetes and Weight Control

Innovative Formulating: Diabetes and Weight Control

Diabetes and weight control are two of the most prominent health concerns in America.  Over 30 million Americans have Type II Diabetes and nearly two-thirds of the population struggle with being overweight and obesity.  When looking at these two figures, it’s no wonder that there is an ever-increasing demand for health products that can help combat these common health conditions.

This demand is where new and innovating formulating can come into play.  With the consumer demand for effective health products on the rise, now is the perfect time to dive deeper into the supplementation and formulation market.  But before you take that leap, be sure to check out these essential steps designed to help you create the most effective product.

Step 1: Determine who can use this product 

Since over half of the American population either has a diagnosis of diabetes or struggles with controlling their weight, there is a vast number of people who could benefit from a product designed to help manage these medical conditions.  Target consumers include:

  1. Anyone with a diagnosis of Type II Diabetes
  2. Individuals looking to lose weight
  3. Those working on weight maintenance
  4. Combination consumers seeking proper nutrition, medication, and supplementation

Step 2:  Research key ingredients and the impact they have on health conditions you wish to target.

  1. Protein: Has a minimal effect on blood glucose and may help lower post-meal blood sugar spikes.  Many studies show that consuming a diet higher in whey protein helps promote weight loss and better blood sugar control as opposed to other conventional sources of protein (such as eggs, fish, and soy).
  2. Fiber: Helps slow gastric emptying. This means that it regulates the breakdown of food and reduces the amount of blood glucose “dumped” into the bloodstream after a meal.  By prolonging the digestive process, blood sugars remain more stable; and over time, it can also lead to healthy weight loss.

Step 3:  Make your formula stand out by considering what you can add to create a well-rounded product.

  1. Vitamin and Minerals:  Magnesium, Chromium, Vitamin D, (along with other nutrients) can all play a role in weight control and blood sugar management.
  2. Antioxidants: Chronic inflammation is a condition closely associated with diabetes and overweight/obesity.  When done correctly, adding antioxidants to a formulation can help it stand out and boost the overall effectiveness the supplement.
  3. Probiotics: New research shows promising evidence that probiotics help lower blood sugar and improve insulin function.  Probiotics also promote gut health and regularity, which in turn is an essential part of many nutritional supplements.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when creating a nutrition supplement designed to help those struggling with diabetes and weight management.  However, with the right combination of ingredients and an innovative production team, you can make your formulating goals a reality.

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