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4 Innovative Protein Delivery Systems

4 innovative protein delivery systems

Developing protein food & beverage product built for today’s mainstream population doesn’t come without hurdles. Products must deliver satisfactory taste, texture, mobility as well as balanced nutritional contributions.

PROTEIN FROZEN DESSERT – 9 grams per serving

Formulated by experts in frozen dessert development, Agropur’s protein frozen dessert product has been refined to provide sweet nutritional indulgence. Perfect harmony amongst stabilizer systems and protein inclusions has resulted in a well rounded, consumer friendly hardpack formulation.

POPCORN COATING – 8 grams per serving
Don’t let your protein infused branding stop at the beverage category. Protein Popcorn Coating provides a snackfood deliverance of satiety and nutrition. Try it in tradition cheddar or spice it up with a firecracker variety.

ICED TEA LATTE RTD  – 16 grams per serving
Combining two of the hottest trends, tea & protein, Iced Tea Latte formulation is naturally colored & flavored, low in fat, and sweetened with sugar and stevia.

MICELLAR CASEIN POWDER  – 24 grams per serving
This base contains slow release proteins, and is high in calcium per serving, which is shown to be a key regulator in fat loss. Additionally, it is high in L-Leucine and L-Glutamine, which are important amino acids for muscle recovery.

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