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Corrie Drellack

Corrie Drellack

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Corrie Drellack

Corrie Drellack leads the Marketing and Communications group for Agropur US. She joined the company in 2010, approximately a year before MSI was acquired by Agropur. Prior to becoming part of the Agropur team, she earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse where she studied Communications, emphasizing in Public Relations and Organizational Communication.

She fondly remembers, her first desk was in the hallway with a candy jar.She has evolved along with Agropur over the years; leading charges with rebranding, developing a Marketing and Communications services team, as well as joining the corporate team and identifying synergies that help to strengthen Agropur.

She has two favorite things about her job. One is that her primary responsibility is to tell the story of a company she loves. The second is that she gets to ask questions and propose ideas that inspire others to take action and challenge themselves. Her mentality is towards building the team and the members within.

Corrie is happily married with two beautiful children and a golden retriever. She enjoys traveling, spending time at their home in the country, harvesting mulberries, DIY projects and being active outside with her family.