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A great place to call home: Le Sueur, Minnesota

A great place to call home: Le Sueur, Minnesota

Agropur is proud to be part of the thriving Le Sueur, MN community, which combines the resources and opportunities of a city with the charm of a small town.

  • A rich tradition of growing businesses, as the proud original home to Green Giant and birthplace of the Mayo brothers.
  • Excellent resources including public and private schools, medical centers and attractions.
  • Vast recreational opportunities – from golf to ice skating to swimming, there are facilities and parks for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Community events and clubs, giving everyone a way to get involved or try something new.
  • A short and sweet drive — just under an hour — to take advantage of everything in metropolis Minneapolis, MN.

Learn more about Le Sueur, MN and why we love it here so much: http://lesueurchamber.org/about-le-sueur/visitor-guide/

Find available jobs:  https://bit.ly/2NhRABm



Girl enjoying a plant-based frozen dessert

You can leverage dairy knowledge while formulating plant-based frozen desserts. Learn what you should consider before starting.

Gras Status

With the FDA GRAS status and with an expansion of our manufacturing capabilities, Agropur will be able to supply not only to infant formula manufacturers but also to special medical food formulators.