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Beauty from Within: Dairy’s Role in Skin Health

Beauty from Within: Dairy’s Role in Skin Health

Welcome to Beauty from Within: Dairy’s Role in Skin Health, the third of a four-part series focused on the edible ingredients that can boost the health of:

  1. Skin
  2. Hair
  3. Nails

Check out part one, Beauty from Within: Skin Supplements, or part two, Beauty from Within: Formulating with Collagen.

Healthy skin has always been on-trend, but skin health is not only affected by the topicals consumers choose to use.  The foods and drinks consumers choose can directly impact complexion and nail appearance. Various proteins and micronutrients aid in supporting healthy nails and glowing skin. In part 3 of our Beauty from Within series, we will examine how and why dairy-based foods are critical for maintaining high-quality skin and nail health.

The benefits of dairy ingredients are often overlooked in the scope of beauty from within claims. But it’s important to consider how this tried and true source plays a role in our modern consumer demands. Dairy ingredients naturally deliver beauty benefits via vitamins, calcium, and complete proteins.

Vitamins and Skin Health

Vitamins B12, B7, and B2 are all found in dairy products and are skin and hair health-friendly.

  • Vitamin B12, or cobalamin, is exclusively found in animal-based products, including cheese. It assists with skin pigmentation production, which leads to an even-toned complexion.
  • Vitamin B7, or biotin, is found in most types of cheeses and is particularly more concentrated in blue cheeses. Adequate intake of vitamin B7 prevents skin rashes and scaly scalps. Vitamin B7 also protects the skin at a cellular level by fighting free radicals, or aging agents, and claims to treat brittle nails.
  • Vitamin B2, or riboflavin, is found in most dairy-based products and aids in keeping skin tissue moisturized. Attaining the right amount of B vitamins in your diet to elevate your skin and nail health can be easily accomplished through keeping up with your dairy consumption.

Calcium and Cell Regeneration

Calcium is another micronutrient, specifically a mineral, that is found in dairy products and helps to preserve a healthy skin glow. This nutrient is stored in the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, and regulates sebum production to keep skin hydrated and eczema free. Keeping up the calcium storage in the epidermis also helps prevent skin cancer by protecting the skin from UV rays. Calcium also aids in regulating dead skin cell lysing and new skin cell regeneration. Finally, human nail beds are partially made of calcium deposits, meaning that the body must have an adequate supply of calcium to maintain healthy nail beds. Milk and dairy products are known for being primary sources of calcium.

Dairy Proteins and Mineral Absorption

The proteins derived from dairy, specifically casein and whey, are also vital components to skin health maintenance. Casein indirectly helps skin health by increasing the absorption of pertinent minerals, such as calcium, when ingested. Casein constitutes 80% of milk protein but is often isolated and sold as a solo protein. Whey protein is additionally beneficial to skincare by dietary intake due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects.

Joanie Zhang, Technical Support Manager for Agropur, states, “Whey protein contains high amounts of the amino acid cysteine, which is the precursor of body anti-oxidant glutathione. Higher levels of glutathione help the body reduce oxidative stress and, in turn, even out skin tone.”

Whey protein can also release inflammation and oxidative stress-fighting bioactive peptides post digestion.

In conclusion…

Incorporating dairy into your diet is an effective way to fortify your skin and nail health. Agropur is a North American dairy industry leader with an abundant supply of high-quality dairy products to support our shared goal of ‘Better Dairy. Better World.’ Agropur Ingredients also has experience with contract manufacturing various dairy proteins (whey, milk, casein, etc.) and beauty-enhancing powders for health and wellness brands. Consider us the next time you, as a brand or fellow manufacturer, have an interest in or need insight into contract manufacturing with dairy ingredients and skin and nail enhancing supplement powders.




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