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Beauty from Within: Formulating with Collagen

Beauty from Within: Formulating with Collagen

Beauty from Within: Formulating with Collagen

Welcome to Beauty from Within: Formulating with Collagen, the second of a four-part series focused on the edible ingredients that can boost the health of:

  1. Skin
  2. Hair
  3. Nails

Check out part one, Beauty from Within: Skin Supplements, and part three, Beauty from Within: Dairy’s Role in Skin Health!

Collagen is entering the “beauty from within” supplement formulation space with full force and is quickly becoming associated with phrases like anti-aging, youth, and beauty within the food industry. Collagen is present in various connective tissues from our skin to our bones as the main structural protein in the human body. The beauty industry has praised collagen for years through Botox injections performed on patients to plump their skin and liven their appearance. Recently, collagen has gained traction and recognition in the food industry due to its reported health benefits; which include strengthening joints, improving skin and hair condition, and improving digestion.  Thus, consumers are starting to view collagen as both an injectable and ingestible protein.

Consumers are looking to functional foods for beneficial supplements and nutrition; allowing food companies to get creative in the formulation of products that include collagen.  Many straight-fill collagen food brands provide baking and cooking recipes with their products to give consumers added-bonus resources.

Brands are also producing and selling finished baked goods, soups, and other protein enhanced desserts through collagen usage. Bovine, marine-based, and chicken collagen are often found in a powder supplement forms. Below, discover how collagen is being formulated into finished food products.

Collagen used Functionally

Food brands and consumers are using collagen as a gluten-free, protein-enhancing base and thickening agent in soups, chowders, and gravies. In these products, unflavored collagen powders are ideal to avoid contrasting flavors between sweet and savory notes.

Both consumers and food brands are formulating to create baked goods that incorporate collagen as an added shot of protein to an indulgent treat. Collagen is used as an egg substitute in most baking recipes. Consumers are baking with both flavored and unflavored collagen protein powders.  Collagen is being used in paleo-friendly cookie doughs, protein-enhanced brownies, supplemental pancakes, and personal protein bars.

Collagen also works as a thickener and base for fruit flavored, protein-enhanced gummy bears, gelatin desserts, and marshmallow mixes. Food brands are formulating flavored collagen blends with more unique, fruit-based flavors with these functional food applications in minds. Creating a sweet snack with flavored collagen allows consumers to indulge in a candy-like treat without worrying about their digestive health.  Collagen aids in digestive and metabolic processes.  It can help to offset the natural havoc that candy wreaks on consumers’ digestive tracks with its over-abundance of sugar. Similar to the bakery treats, consumers can create less sugary treats with flavored collagens.

Collagen Co-packed for Functional Cooking at Home

Food brands also continue to contract-manufacture straight fill, unflavored collagen powder supplements for retail.  But there are some that are changing their approach to marketing.  Food brands are now informing customers of collagens functional use in savory foods as a protein-based alternative to egg or roux.  Chocolate and vanilla flavored collagen protein powders work best for mixing and chilling brownies, blondies, cookies, and protein bars. Food brands are contract manufacturing both collagen-included bakery powder mixes and finished collagen-inclusive bars. These innovations differentiate themselves from the competition in the rapidly growing collagen space.

Collagen Formulated into Fluid Formats

Bone broth powder bases and RTD products, that are essentially collagen-based soups, are contract manufactured by food brands.  Herbs, vegetables, and spices simmer with these bases to create a whole food alternative to isolate collagen for consumption. Consumers can easily incorporate collagen as a base ingredient in warm soups and decadent sauces to reap the nutritional and beauty benefits of the protein while indulging.

As collagen continues to trend…

It is essential for food brands and contract manufacturers to formulate with this ingredient. Agropur Ingredients’ Custom Solutions offers innovation services for collagen use in supplemental and functional foods; as well as the contract manufacturing capabilities to produce a varietyof flavored collagen products in retail packaging and custom formula collagen-inclusive bakery mixes and stabilizers.



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