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Keep the Energy Going

With society humming along to a beat of ‘now’, ‘more’ and ‘on-the-go’, more than ever our personal and professional lives demand highly attentive bodies and minds.

Protein Blends: 4 great starters & functional insight

At this point there is no misconception, incorporating protein into a dietary regimen provides great nutritional and lifestyle benefits. However, as we’ve discussed before, not all protein sources are created equal.

Protein: 7 Sources from Dairy and Beyond

Protein has arguably become one of the hottest food trends in the past few years. Why? Market placement, need fulfillment, and acceptance.

Protein - 7 sources from dairy and beyond

Top 7 Trends in Functional Beverage Nutrition for 2014

Energy drinks have been a popular topic of conversation in the beverage manufacturing industry over the past few years.

top 7 trends in functional beverage nutrition for 2014

Top 4 Reasons to Include Protein for Weight Management

Protein is becoming an important item for health, performance, and optimal nutrition. No longer considered only for athletes and fitness buffs, ingesting more protein is important for weight management and performance across a wide range of individuals.

Electrolytes and Performance

Electrolytes are defined as minerals and salts which hold an electrical charge. The ability of the body to conduct electrical current is essential for human life, not to mention peak muscle contraction and performance.

Electrolytes and performance
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