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Agropur Ingredients – Custom Solutions offer expertise, ingredients, and services tailormade to address unique production and nutritional needs. Whether the objective is to streamline operational processes with a turnkey contract manufacturer or improve product texture, shelf-life, nutrition, output, or cost — Agropur Ingredients has a solution for you.

Contract Manufacturer

The contract manufacturing provider to the elite of the sports nutrition and wellness industries, we are equipped to assist in all facets of product formulation, manufacturing, testing, packaging and distribution. Whether you need a proprietary formulation, toll blending and agglomeration, private label options or modification of an existing formula, Custom Solutions has the capabilities vital to getting your nutritional powder product on the market. In addition, our Le Sueur, Lake Norden and Nicolett facilities provide toll processing services such as spray drying, wet mixing, and particle sizing for products like sweeteners, honey, extracts, creamers, and cheese powders.

Ingredient Distribution

By design, Agropur’s selective procurement & manufacturing processes have built one of the strongest and most refined ingredient supply networks in the industry. Custom Solutions provides unique ingredients sourcing opportunities to better service customer requests and also offers fulfillment services.

Specialty Blends

As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we’re able to offer a full range of quality-based ingredient systems to the food and beverage industries. With decades of technical and functional experience, our experts can lead you to cost- effective, market friendly ingredient solutions. Specialty ingredient brands: Cornerstone® Protein Products, Keystone® Stabilizer Systems, Bakigen® Bakery Ingredients, Capstone® Anti-Caking Agents, Darigen® Select Specialty Powders, PZ-44® and Reddi-Sponge® Dough Conditioners.

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