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Bakigen® bakery ingredients

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Bakigen® bakery ingredients

Bakigen® bakery ingredients offer a wide range of ingredients for the bakery industry including:


– Liquid whole egg alternatives
– Powdered whole egg & egg white replacers
– Nonfat dry milk alternatives
– Donut ingredients
– Complete baking mixes
– Whole milk alternative
– Gluten-free flour

Agropur Ingredients offers state-of-the-art ingredient technologies to assure product integrity and quality, while containing costs and assuring optimized profitability.

Bakigen® bakery ingredients also help food processors minimize the high cost of key ingredients such as dairy, soy, and eggs.


– Decrease moisture losses during baking
– Reduce carbohydrates
– Contribute to structure
– Enhance crispy texture
– Act as emulsifiers
– Provide a more even and tender crumb structure than eggs
– Increase batter viscosity
– Control water ice crystal size in frozen baked products
– Have fat replacement properties
– Enhance browning in cakes and muffins