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Capstone® anti-caking agents

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Capstone® anti-caking agents

Capstone® anti-caking agents are specially formulated for afford-ability, efficiency and longer shelf life in shredded cheese. Ongoing cultivation of the line has allowed our Capstone® experts to continue to provide you with the highest quality products.


– Shredded cheese
– Cubed cheese
– High moisture crumbled cheese

Capstone® functional ingredients help food processors mitigate the high cost and price variability of key ingredients. State-of-the-art ingredients technologies assure product integrity and quality.

Protect the quality and functionality of your high moisture shredded cheeses. Capstone’s® performance is unparalleled! Our anti-caking agents help to inhibit mold and clumping while increasing. We customize our formulations to meet your exact application needs.


– Custom tailored to suit for your application requirements
– Higher density for efficient throughput, with minimal dust.
– Excellent adhesion
– Inhibits mold
– Oxygen scavenging properties to extend shelf life
– Available in organic
– No clumping
– No powdery film (grit) on cheese or package bottom