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Keystone® stabilizer systems

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Keystone® stabilizer systems

Keystone® stabilizer systems are formulated to increase your product’s quality and profitability. With a broad range of systems – both standard and custom designed – Keystone® stabilizers fit a variety of applications across the food industry:


– Ice cream and frozen desserts
– Processed cheese
– Dry-mix beverages
– Baked goods
– Cultured products
– Frozen foods
– Analogue cheese bases
– Plant-based cheese alternatives


Agropur Ingredients’ knowledge of protein technology, stabilizer systems and their interactions, gives you superior products. Whether you want to increase shelf life in bakery products or improve the texture and melting characteristics of ice cream, Keystone® stabilizers can be the essential ingredient in your product’s success. Each combination of stabilizers provides unique properties in your finished product.


– Improved mouthfeel and texture
– Controlled phase separation
– Increased moisture content and retention
– Enhanced gelling
– Enhanced shelf life
– Improved freeze/thaw stability