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The Agropur Ingredients Innovation teams are experts in formulation development and product conceptualization.  They support our customers in producing new product and methods as well as in finding better solutions to existing needs.

Nutrition Innovation Group

The Nutrition Innovation group specializes in health, wellness & sports nutrition instant beverage innovation. Three food technologist and one innovation assistant have access to thousands of ingredients to deliver rapid customer driven formulations to suit a wide range of products. Some of these products include: dairy protein, organic plant protein, botanical & energy blends, & amino acid-based products.

Food & Beverage Innovation Group

The Food & Beverage Innovation (FBI) Group strives to offer solutions to our customers in the following 4 food application segments: Beverage, Bakery, Frozen Dessert, and Cheese/Cultured Products. This is demonstrated by our formulation and processing knowledge and expertise. In addition to our full line of available ingredient blends, we offer complete customization to meet specific requirements.