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Joanie Zhang

Meet the teamInnovation Anand Rao Joanie Zhang Peggy Ponce Sales Contact Us Today -- nutritionsolutions@agropur.com Joanie Zhang Joanie is the Technical Support Manager for the Agropur Asian market and has been with Agropur since 2014. She has a  Master’s degree in Nutrition Science from the University of Minnesota and Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science from East [...]

Protein Pods

Our BrandsManufactured Alpha-lactalbumin BioZate® whey protein hydrolysates BiPRO® Crystal Clear BiPRO® whey protein isolate Glycomacropeptide (GMP) ISO Chill® 9000 ISO Chill® 9010 Protein Pods Applications Contact Us Today -- nutritionsolutions@agropur.com Request a sample Protein Pods Protein Pods are manufactured using a proprietary blend of whey proteins that create a tender, crisp texture for a variety [...]

Buttermilk powder

IngredientsManufactured Crino® Buttermilk powder Lactose Premium deproteinized whey (PDPW) Skim milk powder Sweet dairy whey ISO Chill® Applications Contact Us Today -- dairysolutions@agropur.com Request a sample Crino® | Buttermilk powder Buttermilk in powder form is obtained through the spray drying process. The powder has a uniform composition and color. This product is Kosher certified. Functionality - Browning/color [...]

Rachel Bourque

Meet UsAgropur Cooperative Leadership Marketing team Logistics team Nathalie Bertalmio Rachel Bourque Wyatt Reyerson Locations Contact Us Today -- ingredients@agropur.com Rachel Bourque Rachel Bourque is Director of International Logistics for Agropur Export Group Inc. She has been working in the International Logistic sector for over 33 years in which she has had to travel often [...]