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Agropur Cheese Agropur is a North American dairy industry leader founded in 1938. With sales of $6.7 billion in 2018, the Cooperative is a source of pride to the 3,161 members and 8,800 employees who work together in pursuit of a shared goal: “Better Dairy. Better World.” Agropur US Operations boast seven cheese-focused, SQF Certified [...]

Leo Xia

Meet the teamInnovation Sales Antoinette Williams Leo Xia Mike Bednarek Nikita Oxamitnyi Olwyn O’Dwyer Duggan Reneck Cayen Yves Schellenberg Contact Us Today -- nutritionsolutions@agropur.com Leo Xia With 8 years of experience in dairy industry, especially in specialty ingredients, Leo takes care of the sales for Agropur’s Nutrition Solutions in China.  He got his BA degree [...]

Global ingredients & services

Global Ingredients & Services Contact Us Today -- ingredients@agropur.com As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we’re able to offer a full range of quality-based ingredient systems to the food manufacturing and foodservice industries. With decades of technical and functional experience, our experts are able to lead you to cost-effective, market friendly ingredient solutions. Select an application [...]

Bakigen® CarbCut gluten-free flour

IngredientsBlends Bakigen® bakery ingredients Bakigen® CarbCut gluten-free flour Capstone® anti-caking agents Cornerstone® protein products Darigen® select specialty powders Keystone® stabilizer systems PZ™ dough conditioner Reddi-Sponge® dough developer Applications Distribution Download InfoBakigen Brand Summary Capstone Brand Summary Cornerstone Brand Summary Darigen Brand Summary Keystone Brand Summary PZ Line Brand Summary Reddi-Sponge Brand Summary Contact Us Today [...]