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Premium deproteinized whey

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Crino® premium deproteinized whey (PDPW)

Crino® premium deproteinized whey (PDPW) is a light-colored, free-flowing powder. Crino® PDPW is manufactured from fresh sweet whey under controlled processing conditions.


– Soups and sauces
– Meats
– Dry mixes and seasonings
– Beverages and beverage mixes
– Dairy foods and processed cheese products
– Baked goods, dough and batters
– Confectionery

Agropur is the world’s leading producer of whey protein using ion exchange separation, and Crino® PDPW is the co-product of Agropur’s whey protein isolate, BiPRO®. Much as ion-exchange produces a higher protein level in whey protein isolate, it also yields a higher protein content in its co-product. Although deproteinized whey is traded as a commodity, as a single-sourced ingredient from ion-exchange, Crino® PDPW can be relied upon for its consistent composition and high quality.


–  Highly versatile
–  Increases shelf life
–  Improves color and texture
–  Flavor enhancement, salt and flavor ingredient reduction
–  Source of nutritional milk minerals, flavor, bulking agent