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Skim milk powder

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Crino® skim milk powder

Crino® skim milk powder is the result of removing moisture from pasteurized nonfat milk, which is then spray-dried. The resulting powder contains not more than 1.5% milkfat and is a versatile and important ingredient in many food formulations. Spray drying requires less intensive heating and creates a product that is more soluble when reconstituted in cold liquids. Spray-dried Crino® skim milk powder is available in two forms, ordinary (non-agglomerated) and instant (agglomerated). Ordinary skim milk powder can gather on a liquid’s surface when reconstituted. Instant Crino® skim milk powder incorporates more air into particles, improving solubility during reconstitution. 

Heat classification provides a scale for specific Crino® skim milk powder applications. The amount of heat used in the drying process affects the level of undenatured whey protein nitrogen, manipulating solubility. 


– Improved color, flavor & texture of baked goods
– An economical source of dairy solids
– Solubility
– Emulsification
– Browning & color enhancement
– Thickening
– Foaming
– Fat & water binding properties


– Dressings & sauces
– Beverages
– Frozen desserts
– Baked goods
– Bread dough