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Skim milk powder

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Crino® | Skim milk powder

Crino® skim milk powder is obtained through the spray drying process. Spray-drying requires less intensive heating and creates a product that is more soluble when reconstituted in a cold liquid. Spray-dried nonfat dry milk is available in two general forms, ordinary (non-agglomerated) and instant agglomerated). Ordinary nonfat dry milk sometimes gathers on a liquid’s surface when reconstituted. Agglomerated nonfat dry milk incorporates more air into the particles, improving their solubility during reconstitution. Heat classification provides a scale for specific nonfat dry milk applications. The amount of heat used during drying affects the level of undenatured whey protein nitrogen, manipulating solubility.


Beyond concentrated calcium, protein and other important nutrient values, several desirable properties are attained by the addition of nonfat dry milk to food formulations:

– Browning/color
– Emulsification
– Flavor
– Foaming
– Water binding