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ISO Chill 3400® 

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ISO Chill 3400® Whey Protein Concentrate

ISO Chill 3400 is a unique mixture of highly functional whey proteins that are obtained from fresh whey. It enhances desirable food characteristics such as solubility, emulsification, dairy flavor, water binding, and color & flavor development.


Ideal for a wide variety of food applications such as dairy products, bakery and beverages. It has been used as fat mimetics in a variety of baked products and is typically used with added water to replace fat. It also improves browning, maintains moistness and improves texture.

ISO Chill 3400 can also be used in yogurt as a cost reduction ingredient compared with skimmed milk powder (SMP). It improved texture by increasing viscosity and firmness, and reduce wheying-off or syneresis. WPC 34 increases protein amount in all food applications and procures healthy benefits.

Manufacturing locations

Nicollet, Minnesota
Plessisville, Quebec, Canada