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ISO Chill 8000® 

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ISO Chill 8000® Whey Protein Concentrate

Instantized Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) 80% is manufactured from fresh, sweet dairy whey that is concentrated and spray dried. The product is a homogenous, free flowing, semi-hygroscopic powder with a clean, plant flavor. Less than 1.5% soy lecithin is added to the instantiation process to aid in product dispersibility.


– Sports nutrition
– Protein bars
– Dry mixes
– Bakery products
– Confectionery
– Frozen desserts


– Solubility
– Emulsification
– Gelation
– Thickening
– Foaming
– Fat and water binding properties

Manufacturing locations

Hull, Iowa
Lake Norden, South Dakota
Le Sueur, Minnesota