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The Agropur Ingredients Innovation teams are experts in formulation development and product conceptualization.  They support our customers in producing new product and methods as well as in finding better solutions to existing needs.

Protein Applications Center (Eden Prairie, MN)

– Characterization of Agropur manufactured ingredients in foods (or non-food)
– Formula and prototype development spanning every food category
– Usage level optimization and identification of hurdles
– Quantitative science-based evaluation
– Validation in pilot-scale trials


Protein Research Center (Le Sueur, MN)

– Perform Complex Analyses for Product Release (HPLC, GC, SDS-PAGE, etc.)
– Support Operations and QA in Technical Product Quality Investigations
> Protein fraction purity, protein profile, unknown material identification, etc.
– Analytical Method Development
> Protein profile, mineral analyses, nitrate/nitrite, etc.
– Support Applications and Marketing
> Project Puzzle, analytical testing, collaboration, etc.