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A Big Thank You: Reflecting on Employee Appreciation Day

A Big Thank You: Reflecting on Employee Appreciation Day

Thank you Agropur Ingredient employees for all you do and happy Employee Appreciation Day!  Every single one of you play a vital role and allow our company to better serve our customers. Colleagues, your commitment to quality, kindness, and excellence allows for our continued success and growth in our industry, and for this we are humbled and grateful.

We would like to say a special thanks to some employees who have celebrated significant work anniversaries in the past few of months.  Your longtime commitment to our company has preserved our small business culture and reminds us all of the company we started as.  Please take the time to read these short highlights about each employee’s journey during their time at Agropur Ingredients.

Laura Stedman

25 Years

When Laura first started here, it was called Ridgeview!  She has enjoyed “cleanin’ up after the rest of you” for the past 25 years, but what she has enjoyed most are the relationships she has formed with the people here. She particularly enjoys getting to see the kids of her colleagues grow up. Outside of work she enjoys her 5 grand kids, some of you have met Drew(4) when he visits the office. Laura’s words of wisdom are, “Be yourself, and be helpful to people whenever you can.”

Ellen Lusk

25 Years

When Ellen first joined our company, she recalls feeling like a lost puppy in customer service.  Though she started in customer service, her passion for connecting with people quickly transitioned her into sales.  Ellen fondly remembers her mentor and friend Frank Hart who taught her many life lessons.  One of her favorites was leaving the radio off when sharing hte car, because you should spend that time getting to know your car mate. Ellen’s words of wisdom are, “Be nice to everyone because you never know who you will call on.”

Sue Fruechte

25 Years

Sue recalls starting her career with a small family-feeling business that has since grown into a much bigger entity.  Though she has worked under 4 different company names, she has enjoyed the same position in accounts payable for 25 years. She wants to thank her close colleague and friend, Roxanne, for her friendship throughout their careers. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her two granddaughters and participating in dog shows with her wire haired dachshunds. Sue’s words of wisdom are, “Don’t think you can never make a mistake, we’re all human!”

Phil Rakes

20 Years

When Phil first started with the company it was located on French Island, went by Mainstreet, and only had 12 people in the facility!  Phil had moved from California to join this small, family run company and be a Product Innovation Food Application Specialist.  Besides working on formulating ice cream, outside of work he enjoys living in La Crosse, fishing, and spending time with his wife and son.  Phil’s words of wisdom are, “Stay flexible, stay focused,” meaning to adapt to your environment but keep your eyes on the prize!

Again, thank you to ALL of our employees for your hard work! Know that we appreciate you, today and every day.



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