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Functional Ingredient Trends in 2020

Functional Ingredient Trends in 2020

New year, new consumer insights! Here are our predictions for 2020 functional  food and ingredient trends: Intense Seneory Experiences, Intuitive Eating, and unlocking the Microbiome!

Deliver on Intense Sensory Experiences

Sight. Scent. Taste. Touch. Sound. Colors that pop. Smells that make you swoon. Flavors that transport your tastebuds. Textures that let you indulge. Bottles that enticingly fizz. Customers are looking for foods that use ingredients that appeal, inspire and offer new experiences.Food Ingredient Stat: 34% of US frozen treat purchasers would be encouraged to try a new frozen treat product by new textures.



of US frozen treat purchasers would be encouraged to try a new frozen treat product by new textures

Ice Cream and Frozen Novelties – US, May 2019  


of US Millennials would be interested in a spicy (eg. jalapeno) non-alcoholic drink

Juice and Juice Drinks – US, April 2019


of UK gum, mint or breath freshener users would be interested in gums and mints that help them relax

Gum, Mints and Breath Fresheners – US, March 2019

Deliver on this trend by formulating with Agropur’s Whey Protein Pods. These protein-fortified pieces deliver on intensity through texture. Each pod offers a satisfying crunch and serious nutritional impact. Conceptual samples are available in raspberry, delivering on taste with an enticing natural deep pink color to boot.

Empower Intuitive Eating with Functional Ingredients

Functional Ingredient Trend Stat: 64% of young adult women indicated that they trusted their body to tell them how much to eat.

Consumers are ditching traditional diets in the hope of learning to listen to their bodies’ “natural” cues. Diet culture is constantly shifting, but the desire to return to what is most natural is nothing new.  Intuitive eating in young adults. Who is doing it, and how is it related to disordered eating behaviors? states that among young adult women, 64.8% indicated that they trusted their body to tell them how much to eat, and 76.4% reported that they stopped eating when full. (Denny, Loth, Eisenberg, Neumark-Sztainer, 2013). And the 2019 Food and Health Survey found that 49% of those aged 18-34 are already familiar with the terms mindful and intuitive eating.

Leverage this food ingredient trend by calling out functional claims on ingredients that can help consumers feel full and keep them that way.  Proteins and fibers may increase satiation and make consumers feel full faster than other macronutrients.  Try some of our ingredients, such as BioZate® whey protein hydrolyzates, Bakigen® CarbCut, or SlimBiome®, to formulate for intuitive eating.

Unlock the Microbiome

Functional Ingredient Trend Stat: The search term 'microbiome' demonstrates steady growth on Google Treds. It has averaged a 4% increase per month over the last 5 years.

Along with the rise of DNA personalized nutrition, we’ve seen rising consumer interest in the microbiome and the role it plays in human health. Mentions of postbiotics on US social media sites have seen a 91% monthly increase over the last year. (Infegy/Mintel, 2019). The search term “microbiome” demonstrates steady growth on Google® Trends over the last five years, averaging a 4% increase per month. Additionally, products with claims like, “Good source of probiotics” and incorporate probiotics have steadily increased their market entry by 30% over the last 6 years (Mintel GNPD, 2019). Leveraging the microbiome will play a major role in functional food trends. Bob Rastall, Professor of Food Biotechnology at the University of Reading, recently dove into this exact topic, and you can learn more through this video.

SlimBiome is a patented ingredient with the science to back up a measurable positive impact on the microbiome and proven weight loss.  It helps consumers lose weight by reducing food cravings and promoting the feeling of fullness, while also positively changing the composition of the gut microbiome. Agropur is the exclusive North American manufacturer of SlimBiome, in partnership with the patent holder, OptiBiotix.


Have other ingredient trends in mind that you are looking to explore? Our team is always willing to share our resources, both in market research and formulation. Contact our team to get in touch with your innovation partner today!


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