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Girl enjoying a plant-based frozen dessert



Tasting Panel Tips - What do you really taste

How to make sure you are getting the most out of your taste panels.

Low Sugar craze - 4 formulating tips

Quite possibly the most important theme in healthful eating recently is the desire to reduce excessive sugar in the diet. 

Proteins: Are They All Equal?

Protein is now an established trend. As with many established trends, sensationalism overshadows actual education on the health trend, making it difficult for consumers to interpret the value of the product and decipher which label claims are important to them.

4 ancient grains you should be eating_FI

Ancient grains content and insights provided by Nutrition Innovation Manager Aaron Martin, CISSN.


Kickin it with the cows 2018_Featured Image

Agropur in Action: Kickin’ it with the Cows

On July 7th, Agropur had the honor of sponsoring the charitable event, Kickin’ it with the Cows. The 5k/10k run/walk and family fun event is hosted and organized by the not for profit, Dairy Cares of Wisconsin.

Agropur GIves Back - Polar Plunge_FI

Agropur Gives Back: Polar Plunge

This annual fund raiser donates all proceeds to the Wisconsin Special Olympics and brings awareness to the cause.

Agropur GIves Back - Wafer food pantry_FI

Agropur Gives Back: Wafer Food Pantry

Agropur Ingredients employees collectively raise $541.00 and collected 265 lbs. of non-perishable items (estimated to provide for 220 meals) to be donated to WAFER.