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Agropur Ingredients – Nutrition Solutions sector produces innovative specialty ingredients used for formulating a variety of products from infant formula to cosmetics, medical foods and protein supplements.

Some of Nutrition Solutions offerings include: Alpha-lactalbumin, a primary protein in human milk, allows infant formula manufacturers to create products that more closely resemble breast milk. Glycomacropeptide, a casein-derived protein fraction, serves applications in the medical food and oral hygiene industries. BiPRO®, an all-natural, highly pure whey protein isolate produced from pasteurized whey through Agropur’s proprietary ion-exchange technology.

What sets Nutrition Solutions apart from its competitors is the technical know-how in the isolation of whey proteins and applying that knowledge to produce ingredient applications and finished formulas to customers.

Agropur has made considerable investments in its processing facilities to deliver exceptional purity, consistent quality and ample supply. As a result, customers can depend on Nutrition Solutions to deliver top-notch, award-winning ingredients that meet a number of nutritional needs. – (800) 757-7611