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BioZate® hydrolyzed whey protein isolate

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BioZate® hydrolyzed whey protein isolates

The BioZate® family of hydrolyzed whey protein isolates provides unique properties that are important to product developers. These whey protein hydrolysates are isolated from cheese to more than 90% levels of pure protein and come in four forms: BioZate® 3 and BioZate® 7, BioZate® 9, BioZate® 8000.


– Sports nutrition
– Beverages for special diets
– Extruded and sheeted snacks
– Infant formula
– Nutrition bars

BioZate® is a nutritionally complete protein source with rapid digestibility converted from ion-exchange purified whey protein. Ion exchange yields the highest possible natural levels of branched chain amino acids BCAAs including leucine, the molecular trigger for muscle protein synthesis. Typically at 95% protein, the BioZate® family of whey protein hydrolysates allows fortification to high levels of protein without significant levels of lactose, fat or minerals which can alter the nutrient profile or properties of formulated products.


– Clear in solutions
– High-quality, complete protein
– Source of branched chain amino acids BCAAs
– Fully soluble; stable in beverages over a wide pH range
– High gel strength
– Bland, neutral taste
– Lactose-, fat-, and gluten-free

Manufacturing location

Le Sueur, Minnesota