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ISO Chill® 9000

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ISO Chill® 9000 

ISO Chill® 9000 is a spray-dried, cream-colored powder with a bland flavor profile. It is homogeneous, free-flowing and non-caking.


– Sports nutrition
– Wellness
– Nutritional supplements in infant formula
– Protein bars
– Bakery products
– Dry mixes
– Confectionary
– Frozen desserts
– Beverages

The ISO Chill® Value-added Dairy Ingredients line delivers superior functional whey proteins processed by a novel low temperature cold microfiltration process to contain a full balance of undenatured bioactive whey proteins including immunoglobulin (IgG), lactoferrin (Lf) and glycomacropeptide (GMP). ISO Chill® is designed for a variety of food and nutritional applications.


– Protein fortification
– Solubility
– Emulsification
– Neutral flavor
– Fat-free

Manufacturing location

Luxemburg, Wisconsin