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Recap: SSW 2014

Recap- SSW 2014

Agropur Ingredients’ Health & Wellness business segment brought a new image and innovative protein delivery systems to the 2014 SupplySide® West Expo. The contract manufacturing and private label team representatives were able to showcase the turnkey operation that Agropur offers clients in the sports nutrition and wellness industries: Ingredient Supply, Formulation, Processing, and Packaging.

As part of Taste of SupplySide®, Agropur sampled on-trend food and beverage concepts that played on popular consumer-driven demand for protein. The concepts, Protein Coated Popcorn and Watermelon Cream Hydrolysate, were developed utilizing the team’s market perspectives and formulation capabilities. The protein popcorn was formulated utilizing Agropur’s high performance IsoChill Whey Proteins, FlavoGen™ Tastant Technology and the technical team’s flavor expertise. The Watermelon Cream Hydrolysate also utilized Agropur’s own IsoChill proteins but combined with Deerland Enzymes’ ProHydrolase technology to create a real-time hydrolysate protein that is activated upon reconstitution. The formulation also incorporated FlavoGen™ which in this case helps to balance out the bitterness sometimes encountered with high protein content and the metallic aftertastes of artificial sweeteners.  Sample concepts are created only to show the company’s capabilities, products and services – ideas are available for commercialization – please inquire for further details.

The business segment took the opportunity to launch it’s brand new micro website The site will serve as the sister site to — together the two will help to visualize the dynamic offerings of the company.


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In just three short months, the world has recorded thousands of cases of novel coronavirus COVID-19, and the number is increasing each day. Everyone is susceptible to becoming a carrier, but it is especially affecting those who have compromised immune systems.


Communication is one of our core values at Agropur, and we are committed to keeping you fully informed as the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolves.