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Recap: SSW 2015

Recap - SSW 2015

Agropur Ingredients had the pleasure of attending the annual SupplySide West Expo Hall in Las Vegas!  This comprehensive health and wellness expo provides ample opportunity for networking, foraging partnerships, and familiarizing one’s self with other industry leaders.  At this event, our team was able to highlight some of Agropur Ingredients’ diverse capabilities and product formulation areas within Nutrition industry. Not only was this show an excellent platform to feature our lifestyle brand concept items, it was a gathering point for key note speakers, Q&A Panels, industry briefs, and educational workshops.  Overall, our time spent at the SupplySide West Expo was incredibly valuable.

The following are products that were featured by our team at the show:

Vanilla Protein Soft Serve

A sweet treat that offers protein packed benefits, our vanilla soft serve was a feature and popular sample at this year’s Expo.  Offering on average 3x the protein of standard soft serve, our soft serve provides 9g protein per 4 fl oz.

Macha Cocoa Spice Meal Swap

Full of antioxidants, protein, and fiber, this product also boasts the credential of being lactose free!This meal alternative is sure to fill a consumer with 20g of protein per scoop, so there’s nothing for a tummy to rumble and grumble about.

Various Supplement Ingredients

Our high quality and well refined ingredient supply networks allow us to offer noteworthy products.  We take pride in offering protein products with a wide variety of sources including daily, rice, soy, cranberry, algal, and the list goes on. Also available are amino acids, antioxidants, phosphates, probiotics, and so much more.

Dry Blend Retail Packaging

Be it resealable pouches, a variety of canisters (pails, cans, jugs), scoops, or display boxes, we took this opportunity to demonstrate our ability to meet all dry retail packaging needs.  Our products offer ideal self-life and storage ease and have the added benefit of reducing the environmental impact caused by shipping liquids.



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